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Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy the magical sunsets.

The Chora of Kythnos

Traditional houses, narrow lanes, whitewashed yards, bougainvilleas, nice cafés. Typical Cycladic simplicity and beauty.


On Kythnos an outdoor (rather than cave) settlement from the Mesolithic age (9000-8000 BC) was discovered at the position Maroulas, which is speculated may have been used as a hunting base or a storage camp. Excavations uncovered graves and circular huts as well as a human skeleton and several stone tools of flint, quartz and obsidian. It is considered the only outdoor settlement of that era found in Greece.

The castle of Oria

To the north of the island, amongst the hills of Sklavos and Yialoudi, shortly before Cape Kefalos is the Castle of Oria.

Wind and Sun Energy Park

Just outside Chora, near the heliport, the Wind and Sun park has wind generators and solar power collectors, that supply power for the entire island.

Byzantine Museum

At Dryopida, the museum is housed in the church of Agios Georgios and is open to visitors daily from 10:00-14:00 and from 17:00-21:00.

The chapel of Agios Minas

At Dryopida you can also visit the chapel of Agios Minas, known for its wonderful epitaphios (on Good Friday) and admire the unique craftsmanship in the wooden altar screen and its bishop’s throne.

In Chora, this is one of the oldest churches of the island, built in 1613.

The Folklore Museum

At Dryopida you can also visit the Folklore Museum, which exhibits objects of everyday use and traditional dress of the islanders of days gone by.

The Monastery of Panagia Kanalas

The Monastery is built on the rock of the settlement of Kanala and is dedicated to the island’s patron Panagia Kanala.

The Monastery of Panagia tou Nikous

At a distance of 800 metres from Chora you can find the monastery of Panagia tou Nikous, a name that in all likelihood is derived from the appellation Panagia tis Nikopoiou, which means the all-sainted victory bearer.

Katafyki Cave

At Dryopis you will have the opportunity to explore one of the largest caves in Greece.

The Hydrotherapy Treatment Baths

The Medicinal Springs of Kythnos were built at Loutra in 1857 and are open daily from June to October. The two medicinal springs have therapeutic qualities which were enjoyed in the past by King Otto of Greece and his wife, Amalia.